There is no better job than the one you love doing every day. So if you enjoy driving, becoming a truck driver in Alberta may be for you. There are some things you need to know to make sure you achieve your goal of becoming a truck driver the right way, giving you the freedom to work while enjoying the open road.

You Need a Class-1 License

To obtain the proper license to drive a truck in Alberta, you will need to go through mandatory training, along with a road test as undertaken by the provincial government. This will provide you with the Class-1 license that you need to drive commercially and work for a trucking company in Red Deer or anywhere in the province.

How to Obtain your Class-1 License in Alberta

There are several hoops to jump through before you can say you have your Class-1 license and are ready to start driving commercially in the province of Alberta.

First, you must ensure that you meet the following qualifications:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • To take the Class-1 training course, you must first have a Class-5 or a Class-5 GDL operator’s license
  • A Class-5 issued by the province of Alberta is essential, so if you are from out-of-province, you will need to update your certification
  • Ensure that you can pass the medical prerequisites before applying, including a vision test for a minimum of 20/30 vision

Second, enroll in a training program that is officially licensed by the Alberta government.

This means you will need to attend classes for both Class-1 licensing and air brake endorsement (Q) training. Once these courses are passed, you will be issued a form that permits you to take the next step.

Third, the next step is the knowledge test. This is based on your knowledge of air brakes as well as the Alberta Commercial Driver’s Guide. You will need to answer correctly on at least 25 of the 30 multiple-choice questions for each of the two tests.

Fourth, is the medical exam that is required.

You will need to get a report for the attending doctor, which will then be submitted to the local registry agent. These medical reports are valid for up to 6-months.

The final step in the process is the road test.

This can only be done after the first four steps are completed successfully. Apply for a test permit and schedule an appointment at an approved testing location. You will need to supply your own tractor-trailer combination with a minimum of three axels and an air brake system.

Your test begins with an inspection of the vehicle, so it’s important to know the inspection processes. You can ten expect the driving portion of the test to last about 1.5 hours but when you pass, you can pick up your Class-1 license and begin driving commercial trucks in Alberta.

For a small investment of time and money in yourself, you can do what you love as a truck driver.