The Importance of Safety in Trucking

Safety is always the primary concern when it comes to trucking. And in this industry, safety goes well beyond the well-being of the driver. There are so many reasons to take trucking safety into account, for the driver, for the company, and for everyone who does business or comes in contact with the truck.

Here are some important benefits that come as a result of putting the proper attention on safety in the trucking industry.

Maintain Good Scores with FMCSA’s CSA Program

Unsafe practices can result in lowering a trucking company’s score through the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program (CSA), run through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As some shippers will not do business with a trucking company that holds low scores, it can dramatically affect overall business and the ability to remain competitive.

Attract More Drivers

Good drivers know how good trucking companies should operate and they will choose the ones with the better CSA scores to work with. They understand that any effect on the company’s score is reflected on their own driver’s resume. So drivers are increasingly unwilling to work with a company that is not focused on the best safety practices.

Improve Driver Retention

Drawing in more drivers is just one aspect of truck safety but you can also keep the drivers you have happy and working for your company. With industry turnover rates already at very high levels, many trucking companies understand that driver retention is important for the business.

Decrease Accidental Damage and Death

On busy roads, it’s a certainty that crashes will happen. The question is, who is at fault? Fatal truck crashes are on the rise and in many cases, these crashes are the result of poor driver decisions, including excess speed or aggressive handling, as well as inattentiveness. The proper training and responsibility can only drop these rising crash rates.

Safety is a Cost Saver

Enhancing safety can lower the costs of the damage repair as a result of collisions. Then there are the added costs for violations that arise due to improper safety maintenance and use of the vehicle. A single major truck accident can cost the company over $55,000.

Avoid Bad Publicity

Any negative news about a company can be the kiss of death. All it takes is one bad accident that is widely known or gets news coverage and the company image could be in ruin. Even if the crash did not result in death, the finger will be pointed at the trucking company for mishandling safety standards. Leading to not only costs associated with the crash but the loss of future business as well.

Safety Responsibility Extends Beyond the Driver

The driver is certainly responsible for the operation of the vehicle, but it also falls on the technicians, those who load the trailer, and the technological equipment installed in the truck that assists with its operation.

These reasons make avoiding safety hazards so critical to a trucking company. Maintain every aspect of the business to keep a grip on safety.