Night Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

As a trucker, you may prefer to drive at night to avoid all kinds of traffic, road construction, and glare. But night driving requires some extra care as it can be quite dangerous. Not only is visibility reduced but there is the fatigue factor to contend with.

Driving while extremely fatigued is almost like driving while intoxicated. You may have slower reaction times, feel confused, be easily distracted, and even hallucinate as you begin dreaming with your eyes open. Drowsy driving is the number one cause of trucking accidents on the road, which has led to formal regulations that dictate how many hours a truck driver can remain on the road in a given 24-hour period and how often they need to take a rest.

But driving while drowsy is not the only thing to think about when taking to the roads at night. Here are a few things to consider so that everyone on the road can stay safe around a trucker while driving at night. Safety is paramount to us as a Red Deer trucking company.

Get the Sleep You Need

Don’t be tempted to push it. Whether you sleep at night and drive during the day, or you prefer the other way around, make sure you get a full night’s sleep, even if your “night” is during the day. This will help you stay alert when you’re behind the wheel.

Ensure Your Lines of Sight are Clear

Night driving requires greater attention on the road and that means keeping your vision clear. Ensure that the windshield is clean, your dashboard lights are turned down, and for more robust vision, you can use night glasses to brighten up the road.

As well, avoid looking into oncoming traffic so that your eyes are unaffected by headlight glare.

Be Ready for Anything

Nightfall brings out more wildlife, both in nature and in humans. Be on the lookout for animals on the road and the occasional intoxicated driver. These dangers tend to creep up out of nowhere so maintaining a safe distance from the vehicles around the truck will give you ample time to react when necessary. Furry creatures crossing the road are more unpredictable but by staying alert and ready, it’s easier to deal with should the need arise.

Check Your Vision

It’s a fact that as we age, our vision tends to deteriorate. It’s important to check your vision regularly and speak to your eye-care professional about maintaining the right prescription glasses at all times. They may even have some suggestions on night driving glasses.

Stick to the Rules of the Road

Road rules are there to limit disasters, so ensure that you are always following those rules, especially when it comes to the speed limit. You may fall behind schedule but speeding will only increase the risks of traffic violation tickets, or worst-case scenario, a deadly collision as speed limits the ability to react to what you can’t control on the road.

Bottom line, take some extra precautions as a trucker when driving at night and get there safely.