The Nossack Family has been in the business of Transporting food products since 1894. First in Berlin, Germany by distributing meat products to our stores and food processing plant, and later in Frankfurt, Germany when the 3rd Generation moved further Inland. In 1982, the Nossack Family moved to Red Deer, Alberta, where we continued with meat processing and distributing to Retailer’s and Wholesale Companies. In 1994, Axel with his wife Patti established Nossack Transport Ltd. Due to our long history, experience, Integrity, and commitment, we could see room for improvement in the temperature controlled Transportation of Food Products. It was then we decided to also offer the same service to other Manufacturers, Distributors and Warehouses that deal in the Food Industry.

Based on our own experience, we realized the importance and sensitivity of correct Temperature control, cleanliness, and the delivery of Goods “On Time and On Temperature” to the customer. We are proud to say that we are continuing to earn our Customers trust every day, with every shipment.  We take our customers’ needs very seriously in this regard, because we know the hard work and dedication that goes into your business of creating products.

With our professional staff, we will see to the successful completion of each of your sales, by delivery of your product “On Time & On Temperature” to your customers.  We will only commit to what we can guarantee.  Efficiency, Transparency, and Accuracy is of our upmost importance, and we practice and stand behind this Philosophy with each shipment that we handle.

Your freight will be monitored at all times in a Temperature Controlled Environment, during Transport in our latest model and well-maintained Fleet of Reefer Trailers, while cross docking and reloading, and for final delivery in Multi Temp. Equipment.  Our Red Deer refrigerated loading terminal provides cooler temperatures at 0C and freezer temperatures at -18 to -20C.



President/ Owner

Axel grew up in Germany as a third-generation butcher, and a lover of anything shiny and fast.  So, in 1994, not venturing too far away from the meat industry he jumped into a big black shiny Kenworth, and the rest was history.  Axel’s passion for perfection, integrity, commitment to his business and customers, and pride in equipment and employees is Nossack Transport, and it is this heart and soul that is put behind every shipment.

Phone# (403) 341-6611 ext 102

Cell# (403) 391-1561



Administrative Manager/ Owner

Patti is the brains behind all the brawn.  Invoicing, payable, financing, POD’s, anything paperwork related is where Patti puts her multitasking skills to use.  Just don’t ask her to text and talk at the same time. 

Axel & Patti have been partners in crime in life and work for 32 years and counting.  When they are not working together, they are enjoying family time with their 4 beautiful daughters, extended daughters, son-in-law, and cutest grandkids ever! 

Phone# (403) 341-6611 ext 101

Cell# (403) 304-6131



Wade Harder

Wade has been with us for 15 years, could not ask for a more professional driver, employee, and friend.  34 years of specializing in long combination vehicles, LTL and temperature-controlled shipments.

Eugene Brewer

Eugene is our right-hand man in dispatch, on the dock, and in the driver’s seat. He is the youngest of our drivers at 13 years on the road, but don’t let that fool you, his professionalism behind the desk or the wheel is second to none. Specializing in long combination vehicles, LTL and temperature-controlled shipments.

Darcy Boyce

Darcy has been on the road in one way or another for the past 38 years. His extensive knowledge is put to good use, specializing in long combination vehicles, LTL and temperature-controlled shipments

Justin Farley

Justin is our maintenance manager and we are lucky enough to also call him our son-in-law.  There is not a job too big or small that Justin cannot fix, build, or restore.