A Red Deer Alberta Based Trucking Company

Nossack Transport was founded in 1996, specializing in LTL (less than a load) refrigerated service throughout Central Alberta. We created this Company to address various components we felt were missing within the Food Transportation Sector. These factors have been our main targets when providing for our customers and their clientele.


Food Safety and the appropriate temperature controlled Transportation.
Equipment Operator’s/Customer Service Representatives that are trained in HACCP and are continuously updated on changes within the food industry.
Consistent On Time, on Temperature Deliveries.
Maintaining the credibility and quality of our customer’s shipments to the final destination.
Flexibility to our customers changing needs.
Accountability and immediate action to rectify any mistakes or damages that may occur.

Our drivers are the first line of quality Inspector’s. Damages that will affect the integrity of any shipment are noted on the Bill of Lading and the shipper is immediately made aware. Should damage occur during Transport, the shipper will be made aware of before delivery to the final destination. Any claim will be settled within 48 hours.

We are proud to say, for approximately 42,500,000 lbs of LTL freight handled in the 2019 year, damages caused by Nossack Transport were 0.01%.